Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A New Beginning...

The wind howled as it tore across the land, bringing a bite the paladin had not expected. He looked ahead to his companion, smiling despite the cold. The hunter made moving through the drifting snow look like a stroll through Shattrath, scowling as she did. Any words he might say to her would be ripped away by a blast shortly after leaving his lips, so he kept quiet for now.
Nakama knew they had been trudging along, clad in full armor and carrying several heavy packs, for more than a few hours without seeing another soul. Ehliana had assured him they were near the temple they'd been directed to. She was never wrong when it came to directions, but this felt different. Almost like the snow and shearing wind were conspiring against them.
"You might watch where you're stepping, else you land at the bottom of a gorge, husband." Ehliana smirked as she held a hand in front of Nakama, using the other to scratch her wolf's ears.
While he was lost in thought, the two draenei had come upon a large chasm of ice and stone. The yawning abyss before them went down further than they could see and impressed the scale of these lands upon Nakama.

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